Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Global Resale is a full-service, international resell and reverse logistics business focused on the mobile, IT, and electronics sectors. Global Resale partners with the leading manufacturers, carriers, lessors, retailers, resellers, and large corporate accounts to handle their worldwide reverse logistics needs. With state-of-the-art processing centers in Texas (Global Headquarters) and Essex (European Headquarters), Global Resale serves as a single-source solution for its partners, offering the full range of reverse logistics capabilities, including takeback, collection, inventory, data sanitization, repair, harvesting, and resell.

In March 2016, Brightstar Capital Partners completed its acquisition of Global Resale in partnership with the company’s founder and CEO, Jeff Zeigler. As part of the transaction, Brightstar Capital Partners initially committed $50 million to Global Resale to fund the company’s growth. For more information, please visit




  • Tom Meredith
    Chairman of the Board
    Tom Meredith is a Senior Partner at Brightstar Capital Partners and serves as Chairman of Global Resale’s Board of Directors. Tom brings significant industry experience to Global Resale having served as Chief Financial Officer of Dell, Inc. from 1992 to 2000. Tom then went on to co-found Dell Financial Services and serve as a Managing Director at Dell Ventures. Tom also brings substantial expertise in the mobile reverse logistics space, having served as Vice Chairman of Brightstar Corporation, a $10 billion global wireless distribution and services company. Tom’s additional relevant experience includes having served as interim Chief Financial Officer at Motorola, Vice President and Treasurer of Sun Microsystems, and Co-Founder of Amdahl Capital Corporation in addition to having served on more than a dozen Boards across diverse industries.
  • Andrew Weinberg
    Board Member
    Andrew Weinberg is the Managing Partner of Brightstar Capital Partners and also serves on Global Resale’s Board of Directors. Andrew has deep experience in the mobile reverse logistics industry, having previously served as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and a Board Member of Brightstar Corporation, a $10 billion global wireless distribution and services company. Prior to founding Brightstar Capital Partners, Andrew was Partner at Lindsay Goldberg. Andrew has also served on more than a dozen Boards across various industries.
  • Jeff Zeigler
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jeff Zeigler is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Resale and also serves on the Company’s Board of Directors. Jeff has over 15 years of experience in the resale and reverse logistics space. Since founding TechTurn in 1999, Jeff led the business until it was acquired by Arrow Electronics in 2012. After TechTurn, Jeff continued to lead the business as President and General Manager of Global Asset Disposition at Arrow Electronics until 2013.


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