Clarke Joins Global Resale

Last Week I Joined the Global Resale Team…

Hi, I’m Pete Clarke and last week I joined the Global Resale Team as the Director Of Business Development. Global Resale is a leading, global provider of aftermarket services and reverse logistics, focused on resale, buyback, and disposition of technology devices. My position at Global Resale will be working with IT systems integrators and Large Corporations on the East Coast to provide them aftermarket services that accelerate their Technology refresh.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Global Resale partners with manufacturers, carriers, resellers, and large corporate accounts to replace their devices faster and capture higher residual values. The company sources technology assets, rebuilds and refurbishes the units, and sells them through online retail, reseller, and wholesale channels worldwide.

I may be reaching out to you for advice or networking opportunities as I will be hitting the deck plates running. Essentially, I am looking to offer large corporations and Agencies, a self funding, no cost service that creates tremendous value for legacy technology.

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